2ª Jornada Fase Final CN Grupo B Sub-18 Caldas RC – 7 (1E, 1T) vs SL Benfica Rugby – 20 (3E, 1T, 1P)


2ª Jornada Fase Final CN Grupo B Sub 18

Caldas RC perde com Benfica Rugby

A crónica desta partida pela pena do sócio Pelicano, Huw Robbins:

An interesting game in prospect. How will the young Caldas team play against stronger opponents?

Caldas kick off and Benfica knock on.

From the scrum, Caldas produce slow ball, and lose possession at the breakdown.

Benfica have two penalties, the first they achieve an attacking line out, and the second, they use a ”tap” penalty to drive forward.

In the first 5 minutes, Caldas are giving away too many penalties.

The next 5 minutes, Caldas are struggling to contain a heavier and bigger team. Both teams are making numerous handling errors and committing many offences. Benfica are wasting scoring opportunities. In this period the one highlight for Caldas is that they produce a solid scrum.

The rest of the quarter, Benfica are in the ascendency, but their count of unforced errors is much too high. Caldas have had little possession, but do try to counter attack, but their moves are also spoilt by handling errors.

1st Quarter: Caldas 0pts / Benfica 0pts.

Benfica are more powerful, and have had the majority of possession, but their lack of scoring is down to their mistakes. Their finishing is not clinical so far.

Caldas are under much pressure, but their defence is determined and brave. They need to stop losing ball in key areas, and keep possession in their own half.

The game continues with many errors, and it is spoiling the spectacle a little.

Benfica open the scoring in the 25th minute through a PENALTY. For all their pressure, their score comes from an offence. They seem to lack guile and flair.

The pattern of the game remains to half time, with much of the play non-descript.

H.T.: Caldas 0pts / Benfica 3pts. Added Time: 2 minutes.

Benfica have dominated most of the play, but their finishing has lacked decisiveness. They seem to be a little one dimensional, depending on a physical approach, through forward drives.

Caldas are winning little ball, but they must try to cut out the unforced errors. However, they must be congratulated for their commitment and stubbornness in keeping Benfica down to one score.

Each side start the second half in the same vein, error ridden. The passing by both teams in the back line lack fluency. Each set of backs are receiving the ball slowly, and many players are just standing still when the ball reaches them. This deters running, flowing rugby.

In the 49th minute, Benfica increase their lead. After constant pressure on Caldas’ goal line, they finally score an unconverted TRY.

3rd Quarter: Caldas 0pts / Benfica 8pts.

This quarter has again been full of mistakes. Caldas have held on manfully, but they need to try and counter attack. This will be difficult against bigger opponents. But constant tackling and defending can be energy sapping. They need to test Benfica’s defence a little.

The game has not been too exciting, perhaps a little one sided. It has not produced much flowing and fluent passing moves. Yet Caldas tactics have been astute. They knew their own strengths and also their opponents, and had to play accordingly.

Constant pressure from Benfica finally brings reward. They score another unconverted TRY in the 59th minute.

The last 10 minutes for Caldas will be crucial. They must not leek too many points. Their courageous effort has so far been commendable.

The game ebbs and flow, with both sides counter attacking. As the game reaches its end, perhaps Benfica’s size and weight will bring them victory, but their finishing and execution of moves could have been better.

Caldas have been out muscled, but kept up their energy levels. It is tiring to defend constantly.

Caldas have a late flourish, and from their second ‘tap’ penalty within a minute, they score a converted TRY in the 70th minute.

Perhaps, they then relaxed a little, because Benfica finish the game with a converted TRY under the posts deep into added time.

F.T.: Caldas 7pts (1 try 1 com) / Benfica 20pts (3 tries, 1 com, 1 pen). Added Time: 5 minutes.

Marks out of 10 5. Brave Caldas kept the score down.

Caldas must not be too dismayed. They need to work on their handling skills, but their spirit and commitment must be praised.

Benfica deserved their win, but also need to practise their handling skills. They will be pleased with the victory, but perhaps disappointed with their overall performance.

This has been a learning curve for the young Caldas team against stronger opponents, but they can be proud that they competed generally well throughout the match.

Vitória justa da equipa mais adulta e com mais peso.

Resposta sempre briosa da equipa Pelicana, que tentou sempre por em campo o seu Rugby.

Arbitragem competente de Ricardo Rodrigues.

Alinharam pelo Caldas RC: Afonso Montargil, Afonso Pecegueiro, Álvaro Jasmins, Bernardo Nascimento, Caetano Perez, Carlos Prieto, Diogo Vieira, Duarte Jasmins (Cap.), Gonçalo Peres, João Pedro Lamy, José Contreras, Manuel Carriço, Paulo Ferreira (Torrense Rugby), Pedro Correia, Rafael Marcos, Rodrigo Henriques, Rodrigo Pereira, Tomás Dias, Wilson Bento.

Treinador: Patrício Lamboglia

Diretor de Equipa: António Ferreira Marques

Fisioterapeuta: Erica Balseiro/Physioclem

Os nossos agradecimentos ao apoio da CM Caldas da Rainha e aos nossos patrocinadores.

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