1ª Jornada Fase Final Taça Portugal Sub18 Caldas RC – 0 vs GD Direito – 30

1ª Jornada Fase Final Taça de Portugal Sub 18

Caldas RC perde com GD Direito

A crónica de Huw Robbins:

Caldas sub 18’s v Direito sub 18’s 35 minutes each half.

This will be a difficult test for this young Caldas team. It will be interesting how they perform against stronger opponents.

Direito capitalise on a Caldas error, and with a swift passing, run the ball over 50 metres, and score an unconverted TRY in the 2nd minute.

Caldas respond by trying to attack Direito’s defence, but are losing possession and not gaining sufficient territory, through lack of quick ball at the breakdown.

Yet this does not deter Caldas, who continue with their attacking intent. However, moves are spoilt by lack of creativity and astute decision making. Attempting to barge their way past a sturdy defence is not working for Caldas.

Direito show some quality in building up good phases of play, and they are rewarded with a penalty kick in the 16th minute, but their effort is missed.

1st Quarter: Caldas 0pts / Direito 5pts.

Direito move the ball quicker, but spoil chances to increase their lead by being a little over elaborate, thus losing momentum with their final pass.

Caldas have been mainly ‘on the back foot’, but defending, as always, bravely. They are constantly looking to attack when in possession of the ball. But must try to move the ball much more rapidly. At this stage their attacks are easily nullified by Direito’s defence.

Caldas begin to’ up their tempo’ at the start of the second quarter, but are making too many mistakes, as well as giving away too many penalties.

Direito are using these penalties to gain territory by kicking and achieving many attacking line outs inside the Caldas half. Caldas are losing too much ball from their own line outs. This area needs to be tightened up.

In the 29th minute, Caldas have a defensive scrum, but lose the ball, and are punished. Direito move the ball quickly and score a converted TRY under the posts.

H.T.: Caldas 0pts / Direito 12pts. Added Time 5 minutes.

Caldas are letting themselves down through committing continuous mistakes. They are losing their own line outs through poor throw ins. Direito are solid and efficient, and take their chances decisively.

Yet much of the game has been evenly matched. Caldas need to concentrate on basic skills, and use more variety in their attacking options. Direito are stronger in the contact area, thus Caldas must try to avoid this and get the ball out wide. This may bring better results.

Caldas begin the second half producing good moves, and putting some pressure on their opponents. But, knock ons and poor line out play has ruined promising attacks.


Direito increase their lead in the 42nd minute, through a PENALTY, after a Caldas offence.

A few minutes later, Direito win clean ball at the break down, move it out wide, and score an unconverted TRY in the right corner.

It is going to be difficult for Caldas to get back into this game. They are now playing for pride, and must focus on keeping the score down.

Direito run the ball confidently in the 50th minute, but rightly, their try is disallowed because of a forward pass.

Caldas show their mettle by putting some pressure on Direito through their attacking scrums. But after some resets, Direito clear their lines.

3rd Quarter: Caldas 0pts / Direito 20pts.

After an early flourish, Caldas leaked crucial scores at crucial times. Direito’s forwards have caused many problems for Caldas’ defence.

Direito’s better skills and quicker moves are rewarded with an unconverted TRY.

They are at this stage, starting to dominate proceedings. As this quarter progresses, play has become a little scrappy. Tempo has also dropped perhaps due to it being a very warm day and the effort both sides have put into this game.

Caldas in the 67th minute, win good ball at the line out, and break through Direito’s defence, only for the final pass to go forward.

The game finishes with another unconverted TRY from Direito where they move the ball decisively and score in the right corner.

This sums up perhaps, the main difference between the teams, clinical finishing.

F.T.: Caldas 0pts / Direito 30pts (5 tries 1 con 1 pen). Added Time 4 minutes.

Marks out of 10   5

Error ridden, but much endeavour and well worked tries by Direito.

Caldas were generally second best today. But what was pleasing is that they never gave up.

Games like this are a learning curve for this young team. They need to work on certain areas in order to improve their game.

Each individual needs to know their capabilities and their strengths and weaknesses. Get the basics right first and then improvise. With experience, the players will mature and improve

Work hard, learn more about the game, and your own individual assets and you will see the benefits. You will become better players in the future.

Congratulations to Direito. They were more powerful and clinical in key areas and deserved to win.

This report was written while the game was in progress, and does not have the benefit of hindsight.

Huw Robbins.

Alinharam pelo Caldas RC: Afonso Montargil, Afonso Pecegueiro, Álvaro Jasmins, António Maltez, Caetano Perez, Carlos Prieto, Diogo Vieira, Duarte Jasmins (Cap.), Gonçalo Peres, João Pedro Lamy, José Maria Vieira, José Contreras, Manuel Carriço, Paulo Pereira (Torrense Rugby), Pedro Correia, Rafael Marcos, Rodrigo Henriques, Rodrigo Pereira, Wilson Bento.

Treinador: Patrício Lamboglia

Diretor de Equipa: António Ferreira Marques

Fisioterapeuta: Erica Balseiro/Physioclem.

Os nossos agradecimentos ao apoio da CM Caldas da Rainha e aos nossos patrocinadores.


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